Here at Point Taken, we have worked with lots of speakers who are preparing to give TED talks, or who just want to give a TED-like talk. (Don’t know TED? Check them out). As presentation junkies and coaches, we love TED talks for many reasons:

They are bite sized. The talks are 20 minutes long, so the investment you make as an audience member is limited and the return can be huge. In 20 minutes, you can learn a great deal about a subject which was previously new and unknown to you. It is a small commitment, but your knowledge can expand in interesting new ways.

The speakers are subject matter experts. TED gives us access to obscure experts, people we could never have found on our own, but are really happy to meet. These are people who are actively changing the world around them, and often, that is fun to watch.

Style matters. TED talks shows the power of great presentation style and impeccable story creation. The best speakers are able to engage with their audience quickly and we love to see speakers who are working on their craft.

We are all in it together. When we talk to colleagues and find out they have also watched numerous TED talks, we know we have something in common – an interest in the world, and what others are accomplishing. It bonds us together as well, especially as we share our ‘favorites’.

Please share your favorite TED talks with us. We love to see what you are thinking and learning about. And call us if you are prepping to give one – we love to help!