World-class athletes have coaches. Shouldn’t you?

Our instructors can work at any level. Need to polish your delivery skills? We’re here. Want to fine tune a presentation’s logic flow? Let’s do it. Need to work on influencing others in a matrix organization? No problem. Every participant can benefit from the expertise of our instructors.

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This is a time when we need to be performing our best and managing your team remotely can be a challenge. If you don’t have the time – or patience – for a full day of training, but you want your team to continue to improve their communication skills while working from home, try a training ‘mini-bite.’

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Presentation Skills

This workshop provides you with the skills and expert advice to deliver a message to an audience – any message, any audience. In a very short time, you will become the more engaging, dynamic speaker you always dreamed you could be.



Participants benefit from live presentations skills coaching with Point Taken and then sustain their learning experience with Presentr - the latest technology in training.