Creating Compelling Content

How do we create content that resonates and motivates? We will start with the development plan that looks unlike any other process you have used before, that sharpens your focus on what is most important to your audience, and gives it to them in a way that engages them deeply.

We will cover not just creating the structure of the presentation, but also creating the ‘story’ of the data so that audiences can better understand the issues and the decisions needed. You will evaluate and improve your visuals, to create more appealing slides that utilize graphic elements to make the slides easier to skim and comprehend quickly. You will bring – and revise- your presentation content in the workshop. Finally, you will have a chance to practice delivering the newly redesigned presentation content, and receive expert coaching to fine tune your entire presentation package.

The overall goal is to create a more compelling, memorable presentation content, delivered by more engaging presenters and facilitators.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Look at content structure in a whole new way
  • Create a “story plan” to make your content stand out
  • Create engaging visuals to help explain your content
  • Review physical delivery skills to appear as a more confident presenter