Master Improv

Part stand-up, part presentation, SlideShow Karaoke teaches you how to think on your feet, present with confidence even when your content is difficult to articulate, and how to use PowerPoint effectively (without boring the audience to tears!).

This wildly interactive workshop is based on buffing up your presentation skills and adding a dose of impromptu speaking skills to the mix. It is boot camp for your skills, and requires you put yourself to the test. Volunteer participants then present slides they’ve never seen before, learning to hone their improvisational skills. After the group is warmed up, the instructor provides coaching on how to make their content even more effective.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Think on your feet using improvisational techniques
  • Use physical delivery skills to make you look and feel more confident
  • Organize content to make your presentation flow more logically