Effectively Using Technology in a Selling Situation

Sales people need to be able to understand and use the sales tools they are given to create positive, memorable interactions with their customers. If you are giving your sales team iPads or tablets, the sales team needs training on how to not only use the content effectively, but also to use the tool effectively. The benefits that an iPad adds – the ability to present from a wide selection of content elements, on your feet, anywhere, with little notice – is lost if your sales team is uncomfortable with how to use the tool.

In this workshop, we focus on reviewing nonverbal behavior when using the electronic sales aid, making the sales person appear confident and relaxed while using the tablet. In addition, we identify the ways the new interactive tools can help lengthen and deepen any product discussion with a customer. These discussions allow sales people to reach their sales goals faster.

This workshop is designed for experienced sales representatives looking to take their game to the next level.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Effectively use technology to broaden and deepen a sales discussion
  • Look credible and confident in front of an audience, even when using electronic materials
  • Maximize the impact of new technology tools in a sales discussion