Make a Difference with Effective Feedback

No one wins the race without help. No one climbs the mountain without support. Coaching is an integral part of ensuring success – both for you and for others. But can we become the kind of coach that makes a difference for others?

The answer is feedback.  We will explore the main types of feedback, their differences, and uses. This allows the participants to understand how best to coach others.

Utilizing the three basic types of persuasive argument articulated by Aristotle, logos (appeals based on reason and logic); pathos (appeals to emotions); and ethos (appeals to values), we will review how to craft effective coaching feedback, and the challenges to delivering that feedback so that it is accepted readily. Effective feedback is the best way to maximize your impact on others.  Participants will learn how to improve the odds of having their coaching feedback translate into changed behavior.

In this workshop, you will learn:
  • Identify and understand the use of different types of feedback
  • How to provide constructive feedback that leads to changed behavior

  • Understand barriers to communication and how to overcome them
  • Practice communication tools to make feedback more effective, including giving and receiving feedback