Make the Most of Every Group Discussion

Facilitating a meeting is much more than keeping time. It requires leadership, presentation, listening and negotiation skills.

No pressure, right?

This workshop gives you the keys to facilitating a successful meeting — everything from organizing your materials to ending the meeting on time and on topic.

Audience interaction is an essential element of your meeting’s success, but facilitating conversation can be an elusive goal. We teach you techniques that can make negotiating the group dynamic much simpler. We’ll also arm you with the tools to manage any problem you encounter, from silent participants to rowdy hecklers.

In this workshop, you will learn:
  • Proven techniques to elicit audience interaction
  • Methods to keep the group on time and on topic
  • The secrets to a successful Q&A session
  • Tips for managing meeting challenges

Grab the audience’s attention by using one of these tricks:

  • Ask a question of the group
  • Quote something relevant and interesting to the group
  • Offer a surprising or relatively unknown fact or statistic to elicit thought or discussion
  • Begin with a shared view – something the audience can all agree upon, then move on to your presentation