The Point Taken Training Approach

Lots of people feel nervous prior to a presentation, meeting or pitch.

At Point Taken, we change people’s lives by giving them the tools and confidence to be effective communicators. We support them in becoming more effective by giving them the power to be persuasive- allowing them to influence their world and outcomes.

So, if you had that super-power, how would you use it?

Learning can be fun!

Interaction creates engagement, so we get you on your feet to practice the skills we are teaching. No matter where you start, by the end of a workshop, you will improve…and have a great time.

Happy participants learn more.

We know your industry.

It may sound like fun and games at Point Taken, but our instructors make our training specific to your needs and your content. In fact, we use your content whenever possible to give a ‘real world’ feel to the exercises. With backgrounds in healthcare, business, telecommunications, higher education, law and the fine arts, we not only speak well, we speak your language.

Every participant improves.

Our instructors can work at any level. Need to polish your delivery skills? We’re here. Want to fine tune a presentation’s logic flow? Let’s do it. Need to work on influencing others in a matrix organization? No problem. Every participant can benefit from the expertise of our instructors.

World class athletes have coaches. Shouldn’t you?

We practice what we teach.

Our instructors won’t sell you tools that they aren’t using themselves. From foundational delivery to complicated facilitation, we use the skills that we are teaching you in every workshop, and every coaching session.

If you or your team have a communication challenge, call us. Let’s work on it together.