We are headed into the biggest holiday of November, the Thursday that binds all Americans together in a shared experience. One of the things that makes Thanksgiving memorable is that we all have, even through our differences, a shared experience and a shared story that allows us to connect to others. We all can connect over the minor mishaps of the day, the long commutes, the family drama, or the wonderful food.

Shared experience and stories are often the strongest building blocks of connection – friendships, relationships, marriages – and should not be underestimated. Many of us recognize our best friends from our earliest school experiences, or from a first job, all of which speak to a shared experience (good or bad) that we traversed together. When looking to create strong bonds, look for – or create – experiences that give us a shared history, as those will create the strongest bonds.

Storytelling creates connection – not just because we’ll all laugh too hard about a past memory – but our physiology supports it. When telling and listening to stories, we experience more brain activity and strengthened neural pathways (Psychology Today).

When you gather this holiday, we hope you remember and share the stories that connect you to all the people at your table. And if this year is not a day for the photo album, may you remember good times you have had on past holidays. Memories also feed our sense of gratitude and allow the softer edges to emerge.

We here at Point Taken wish you all the best for your holiday, if you celebrate, and, if not, all the best for your day of rest. We fondly remember all the experiences we have had together with you and are grateful.