Something to Read

A white coffee mug sits on a white table.
Photo by Vanesa Giaconi on Unsplash.

Something to Hear

On a brick side walk, a sign has two arrows pointing in opposite directions. One arrow says "Awesome". One arrow says "Less Awesome".
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

Something to Do

Write a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn.

  • Start with a single sentence that describes what you appreciate most about this person.
  • Share a few details about how long you have known them and the capacity in which you worked together.
  • Give a specific example of an experience you had with them where they exhibited their skills and expertise.
A blue-green ocean wave crests with a blue sky.
Photo by Knut Robinson on Unsplash.

Something to See

A mountain rises in the distance of a flat brown plain with a blue sky and clouds.
This photo is looking east at sunset with the sun shining on the mountain that seemed to rise out of the flat ground and return to earth just as quickly.

We visited Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico this month to work with a group of surgeons who were looking to elevate their leadership skills and presence in their field. We had a blast supporting them in writing elevator pitches that spoke to their individual goals and intentions. They presented them to each other and heard coaching feedback about presentation skills to ensure they were making the impact they intended.