Make the Most of Your Next PowerPoint Presentation.

You have to ensure your speakers are comfortable with the new data and you’d like them to be a little more engaging as well. Integrated Slide Review mixes up content review and nonverbal skills coaching to create a cocktail that launches speakers to the next level.

We facilitate your session to ensure a complete content review, providing high level coaching for participants to improve both delivery skills and content articulation skills. The coaching is interspersed with the slide review, so that participants receive personally targeted instruction while maintaining focus on content review. A subject matter expert is on hand to confirm and deepen the content discussion.

The final component is a facilitated discussion about commonly asked or challenging questions. We will review tips on managing Q&A, and we’ll make you practice, too.

The end result is the creation of better prepared speakers who are able to move to the next level in their effectiveness as speaker advocates.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Deliver your specific content while being coached, to reinforce the delivery skills and the content knowledge
  • Navigate a question and answer session successfully
  • Become more credible as a presenter