With 2019 almost behind us and a 2020 fresh start in front of us, tis the season for adjusting our budgets, returning to the gym and re-assessing our personal and professional goals.

Communicating successfully can help you reach any milestone you’ve set, so think about gifting yourself with better communication skills to achieve your goals. Just in case you need another reason, here are a few more…

  1. Being good at public speaking is correlated with a higher earning potential. It’s a skill everyone’s pocketbook can benefit from – just ask Warren Buffet.
  2. Did we mention anxiety? Glossophobia, or fear of public speaking, is said to be a bigger fear for some than death! We help our students learn to harness that anxiety into a powerful tool for a more engaging presentation. We help you get comfortable with the discomfort surrounding public speaking.
  3. Ever wonder how to be more dynamic? Check out this video.
  4. They say “practice makes perfect.” At Point Taken, we not only work with your content in our workshops, but we also provide video feedback so you can see where you need to improve and not rely on your mirror or family to know if you nailed it.
  5. We’ve all sat through those boring PowerPoint presentations, where the expert reads us his slides verbatim. If you have a dry, technical slide deck to weed through, we can teach you how to lean on your slides as the supporting materials that they are and not bore your audience to tears by reading directly to them.
  6. You are an expert. Presenting yourself as one will only help you reach your goals.

Our coaches have you covered… We will leave you with your audience “hanging on your every word.” Want more resources? Check out Point Taken’s blog archives for lots more tips.

If you need more guidance on creating better communications, contact us.