For many of us, one of our Thanksgiving traditions involves going around the table so everyone can say what they are thankful for.  Common answers include family, health, the dinner in front of us. If you are like me, I always want to find a more unique answer – one that truly reflects the essence of what makes me happy and grateful.

So, how do you find that one word? That perfect answer to the tradition?

A few suggestions:

Prepare – don’t wait till the last minute to think about your answer. Carve out a moment to reflect, without other distractions. Breathe, relax and reflect on the past year.

If you need help finding the word, think about what stories you would tell about your past year. Look for the ones that made you feel the happiest or the most connected. If you jot down the essence of a couple of stories, you can review them and look for the common ground. With three or more stories, a theme will emerge, and that’s the key to what you are most thankful for.

For me, I am most grateful for you, and the opportunity to work with you over the past 16 years. It’s been such a pleasure, and I am very grateful for the work we have done together.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

-Beth Rogers
Point Taken Consulting