Ever heard of Kanter’s Law? According to Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard Business School, “in the middle, everything looks like a failure”(Kanter’s law). Turns out, most of us feel motivated by beginnings and obviously, we love happy endings – and sometimes even unhappy endings help us feel relief. It’s in the middle, where the hard work happens and where we feel sometimes like we are failing.

So the real question is – how do we manage thru change, and overcome that feeling of failure which happens inevitably in the middle of most change?

First, we must understand that failing along the way (or feeling like we are failing) is a necessary part of any change. We may feel confused and we will be tempted to abandon the project.  This is why we should talk about having a growth mindset, which allows us to think of failure as a natural part of the process before we begin any big changes.

Secondly, we should think about how to steel ourselves to overcome the feeling of failure. At that moment, we need our creativity and determination the most. Plan for it, invest in your resilience, so you can continue to move forward.

Today, we are talking about change and the struggle it offers us because we are making a big change at Point Taken. We have been working on redesigning our website, which we are happy to introduce today at www.PointTaken.net.  We are not immune to Kanter’s Law, and the process was not without its ups and downs.

However,  we are so pleased to present the final product to you today. We hope you like the new look and feel! Send us your thoughts.