Manage your Meeting, Regardless the Distance

With all this distance meeting technology, we hardly see our colleagues, but we still need to manage our meetings effectively. Regardless of the media used, you still need to successfully marry the medium with the message in order to leave a polished, credible impression with your audience. In this workshop, you will become actively engaged in an informative learning session which will allow you to create similar learning environments for your presentations.

This workshop first addresses how to accomplish your goals using distance meeting technology. This workshop explores ways to foster audience interaction: encouraging and using participation and minimizing potential problems such as audience involvement, crowd control, and time management.

This training is a highly effective, interactive workshop that can be delivered over the internet or in person.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Use your voice to project authority as the leader of the distance meeting
  • Keep your audience’s attention even if they can’t see you
  • Keep your meeting on time and on topic
  • Manage the most common challenges in web conferences and teleconferences