As we head into the last days of 2017, a few elements strike at the same time:

First, we are bombarded by all the “get this done by Christmas” communication that floods our airways. How many times have you been asked “are you ready for the holidays? Just today? This makes us feel a stress-related to time pressure and often raises our cortisol levels.

We also have regular access to impossible standards (I am looking at you, Instagram), so suddenly our homemade cookies look worthless compared to the Pinterest masterpieces we see each day. And who decreed that holiday cards also had to have holiday stamps, forcing me into an hour long line at the post office?

At the same time, a quieter force is at work. Over the holidays, we are at events and with people that should cause us a rush of joy and happiness. However, to really take advantage of this – and make a memorable movement – we have to slow down and relax into them.  These holiday events can allow us to deepen ties, create shared meaning, and that is what makes those moments matter.

In order to do that, we have to silence the loud voices screaming for us to buy more, and do more, and run – run – run over the holidays. We need to build walls to protect that which we is the most important to us – the people and the memories we make with them. It’s ok if not everything is done or bought, as long as we love the people we are with and create memories with them.

So, we want to say how much we have enjoyed our 2017 moments with you, and how we hope we have slowed down enough to express our gratitude.

From our Point Taken family to yours – happy merry everything!
We will see you in 2018!