As we hit this major milestone this month, I am filled with so many emotions. This upcoming moment makes me even more aware of all the milestone celebrations I am surrounded with. From wedding anniversary to graduations, milestones are the moments that remind us to pause, pick up our heads from our day-to-day work, and look back over the long arc of time.

In the case of Point Taken, it’s a chance for us to take stock in our accomplishments and see how far we have travelled. We are grateful for the people who have accompanied us on this incredible journey.

A few of the things we have learned along the way:

  • Growth is always possible, especially if you want it. The real key to progress is wanting it and working to achieve it, not our starting skill level.
  • When presenting, no one ever speaks loudly enough the first time. If you don’t sound a little too loud in your head, you are not loud enough. Remember, it’s the audience who decides if you are too loud – not you! So speak up!
  • At the very least, we are entertaining. This was an actual quote from a client about our training team, early in our history as a company. We are so proud of it, it became our motto in the beginning. Many people fear pubic speaking, our approach is to help people have fun and learn new skills.
  • What makes the trip memorable and fun is the other people traveling with you. We have been blessed and lucky to have amazing clients, trainers and colleagues who have joined us for the past 15 years.

Thank you for your part in our journey! Here’s to the next 15!

Beth Rogers
Point Taken Consulting