In the holiday season, many of us have our own version of the movie “Groundhog Day.” We repeat the same elements over and over again, year after year. Unlike the movie, sometimes this repetition seems to make the experience better and sweeter every year.

What are the traditions that you commit to each year? What has been added this year and what needs to be let go? How can we ensure our traditions enhance our holidays?

One key element is to acknowledge that often the significance of the tradition is more important than the substance of the tradition. If you bake cookies each year for family, friends and Santa, it’s OK to use prepared cookie dough if life gets too stressful, because the important element is the shared experience of baking as a family, not the quality of the cookies.

One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday traditions is to give yourself extra time that allows you to be more mindful of the experiences, look ahead at your calendar and pare down your ‘to do’ list. I am guilty of not allowing enough travel time between my commitments; combining that with extra holiday traffic means I am perpetually 10 minutes late – which is not a recipe for holiday enjoyment.

This week, we hope you indulge in a few wonderful traditions – both new and old.