Think about the last presentation you attended. Do you remember any specific data presented? Having trouble?

Well, what about a story the presenter told? For most of us, it is much easier to remember the story. Humans are wired to remember stories, so presenters should use that structure to make their presentation more memorable.

Stories don’t just tell the “what” but they paint a picture about “why” your audience should care about your content. They inherently persuade our audience to take a journey with us. While, there are a lot of articles out there about the power of storytelling, few that tell you why it actually works.

How do we create a good story? Stories have a few essential elements – they start with where we are today, provide us with a vision of what could be, and offers us an understanding of the path we need to get there. With the best stories, the path has twists and turns, but all comes out well in the end.

Our coaches work to help presenters create and deliver compelling content so that they get the most out of every presentation and every interaction. We see the power of storytelling every day.